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In a context of digital transformation involving hyper-connected systems and objects that are spread across the value chain, and growing cyber security threats, and new regulations and interoperability requirements, security and trust are becoming central in any modern information systems.

To summarize, Blockchain technology is a distributed and certified registry that allows any user of the system to verify the validity of stakeholder identities, and transactions, and asset records.

This technology makes it possible to decentralize data, assets and applications, to secure digital transactions, and to ensure trust between stakeholders, and provides a layer of interoperability between heterogeneous and distant systems.

Blockchain technology is a pillar of the fourth industrial revolution according to the World Economic Forum.

Blockchain is at the center of Web3, NFTs and Metavers.

BlockSY is a innovative platform and a set of APIs Plug & Play that allow any entity, company or organization to integrate or link its services and products within Blockchain in a simple and secure manner.

BlockSY enables your company to register and track users, transactions, and assets among different types of Blockchain technologies, either private and public, satisfying the requirements of your different business cases and workflows.

With BlockSY, your company or organization is now ready to interoperate with others securely, anonymously, and transparently on the Blockchain with the highest grade of European security standards and legal compliance.

BlockSY APIs can be used for (non-exhaustive list):

  • Record securely digital transactions in Blockchain
  • Record securely digital proofs in Blockchain
  • Record securely digital assets in Blockchain
  • Certify digital transactions in Blockchain
  • Certify goods or services in Blockchain
  • Create and manipulate digital tokens as NFT and ERC20 in Blockchain
  • Create and manipulate digital assets in Blockchain
  • Manage and use crypto assets and wallets as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hyperledger Sawtooth and other
  • Manage and use Smart Contract in Blockchain

Many use cases that can add value to existing services or help to create new ones!

In addition, BlockSY allows

  • reduce project costs by facilitating access to Blockchain,
  • sustain the projects by being Crosschain and Multichain.

Blockchain technology industry is emergent and growing fast. In fact, today, there are several hundred of different implementations, and mostly incompatible with each others.

This technological heterogeneity is mainly related to the fact that these implementations attempt to provide solutions to different problems such as:

  • the traceability of payment transactions (ex: Bitcoin);
  • the traceability of identities (ex: Civic);
  • the extreme anonymization of transactions (ex: ZCash, Monero);
  • file support (ex: Filecoin, Storj, Via);
  • the interoperability of existing information systems at the international level (ex: Ripple for finance);
  • the scalability and performance of consensus mechanisms (ex: BitcoinCash, EOS);
  • the mix of mining algorithms (ex: Verge);
  • the implementation of trusted third parties (ex: Hyperledger Fabric, Corda for finance);
  • The deployment and management of NFT and decentralized applications such as dApps (eg Ethereum, Polygon, …)
  • etc.

This heterogeneity issue associated with the plethora of competing and particularly recent technologies, slows down the adoption of Blockchain technology for companies, and constitutes an operational risk when it comes to choosing a particular Blockchain technology to implement.

Some companies require a total privacy by deploying private Blockchains (i.e. maintained by a company or group of business partners, isolated from mainstream / public access), while others want to publish their proofs of existence hashes within a publicly accessible Blockchain.

BlockSY solves these problems of industrialization and interoperability of Blockchain technologies by facilitating the integration of companies' products and services with different Blockchain technologies.

In addition to this interoperability, BlockSY provides rich APIs and Plug & Play accelerating Blockchain projects of all kinds: decentralized applications dApps, NFT, traceability, DEFI, etc.

BlockSY is a long-term industrial research project initiated in 2015. In this context, we are maintaining a complete documentation related our research results on the Blockchain field for both general and technical audience. We are also providing interactive demonstrators in order to show how BlockSY can help companies implement business cases integrated with Blockchain technologies.

This page gives you a quick overview of BlockSY project objectives, and technical choices and other useful resources related to the Blockchain industry.

However, if you want to deep dive into BlockSY details, do not hesitate to consult the following additional resources:

Our goal is to federate a development community and a research program within BlockSY project. Also, we warmly invite any developer, any company or university to test and to contribute to BlockSY initiative while discovering the features and benefits of Blockchain technologies integration in your IT infrastructure and products.

In order to start developing on BlockSY, you will find below the complete documentation of our APIs:

Request an API Access: if you want to test BlockSY, please send us a request by email at and give us a brief overview of your business case. We will then provide you with test keys and test coins to start developing on BlockSY. This registration will allow you to have a full access to Blocksy API features; you will be able to manage users and process transactions.

BlockSY can be used in two modes:

The BlockSY use cases and projects can be found on this page: BlockSY use cases and projects

The BlockSY RoadMap can be found on this page: RoadMap BlockSY

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